Praying, Stubbornly

I was talking to a church friend, J, casually the other day, and we were discussing this new book that I read, ‘Seeking Allah Finding Jesus‘. The conversation led to a mutual friend we knew who converted to Islam a few years ago. J wanted to understand more so he could answer questions, and we were discussing that it’s really difficult, and something he said really struck me –

‘I’m prepared to pray for the next 20 years if necessary.’

For those of us who are ‘2nd/3rd-gen’ Christians, we usually don’t have dramatic testimonies involving drugs, or depression, or existential doubt. While I believed only around Sec 3, I was never really that bad a kid either – only had a short period of adolescent angst. For many of us, we can’t remember a time we didn’t know God, although maybe there are some landmark seasons of great growth or great faith, but even then, nothing to write books about.

So what can we say in our testimonies? I love this blogpost that reminded me, a testimony is a witness account of how God has worked. The reason I am here today, having knowledge of Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, living in light of grace, is a testimony that God has answered the prayers of many.

Now, I’m not saying I’m so popular and/or notorious that thousands have prayed for me. But I’m certain that I was prayed for, and I can’t wait to meet all those people after I die, to give them gigantic hugs of thanksgiving. I’m sure my parents, nominal Christians as they were when I was young, prayed for me. My believing relatives. My art teacher in YCISS who led devotions on Friday which I went for but didn’t absorb a thing. My friend E in Shanghai who knew I snuck out of church when my parents’ backs were turned, never told on me, but kept encouraging me in gentle rebuke. K from my church who invited me to the youth. Pastor R and Uncle J who asked me to start serving. S, my first Bible Study leader, and my other CG members. Maybe strangers across the world who prayed that God would soften the hearts of young people to accept Him. Maybe missionaries who really do pray down the list of ‘Operation World’ countries and one day, came to ‘Singapore’ and prayed for more believers in that country.

So I’ll keep praying, for you, and you, and you. And I’ll keep singing the holy stubborn song of what my King has done for me. He works wonders, and one day, by grace, you will sing along (:

Feel free to comment (:

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