do not worry, He says

Do not worry, He says. Your life is more than food and clothing, things that moth and thief and time destroy. Life, eternal life, is knowing Christ — the truest and most beautiful good, one that neither fades nor depreciates.

Do not worry, He says. Think of the scavenging ravens He provides for, they who know nothing of inflation and interest rates and insurance. What more of you, made in His very image, bought with His very blood?

Do not worry, He says. Will worrying take you one step further, or give you one more hour?

Do not worry, He says. Look at the lilies and the fields in their God-gifted regalia, more splendorous than Solomon, even though their lifetime is but a fraction of a king’s reign. What more of you, you who are clothed in Christ, you who will soon look like Him? Not only will you be provided for; you will be glorious beyond your imaginings.

Do not worry, He says. For you are no longer of the world, and what the world so eagerly chases after is naught to you. You have all things, if you have Him who has all things. Pursue rightly.

Do not worry, He says. Your Father is your shepherd and your king, and He delights in giving. O beloved child, cherished sheep, precious heir, why do you fret about the next meal and the next dollar when He joyfully gives you a kingdom?

Do not worry, He says. Your anxiety is because you live on ‘get’, but He has called you to a life of ‘give’. And if you give from the riches of His grace —from which you have been given— know that He is an ever-flowing spring and inexhaustible treasure, immune to crashes and crises. He does not play zero-sum games; He multiplies your measly Filet-o-Fish to feed thousands. Give, and in so doing, store your precious things, like your heart, where they will neither be spoilt nor stolen.

‘Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.’ (Jn 14:27)

// A meditation on Luke 12:22-34. Identification of the seven points, and the relevant insights, are by David Powlison in ‘Seeing with New Eyes’, chapter 6. So thankful.

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