holiday update #1

Today marks two weeks since my last undergraduate paper! I’m sadly still unemployed, but it’s been quite a fun time of meeting up with friends, playing board games, preparing for a message (for the youths, the past Sunday), doing church camp stuff, etc. Weirdly, but probably not surprisingly, I haven’t been reading a lot — as a friend says, I’m always most productive doing A when I’m supposed to be doing B, which explains why I read so many books and so quickly during the school term. Will definitely be trying to remedy that.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some baking! I’m not very good at it (also not very good at taking photos or editing them to make it seem as if I’m good at it), and I doubt I’ll ever be, but I like how I can ‘lose myself’ and really focus on the baking itself. Honestly, I’m totally a handphone addict and have quite a compulsion to check my screen regularly. Things like baking and crafting help to remedy that, a little (: So here’re some photos:


1. Pecan Shortbread (recipe) — One of my favourite things to bake — easy and delicious.IMG_1702

2. Blueberry Mini-Muffins (recipe Another super fuss-free and yummy recipe.IMG_1715

3. Earl Grey Macarons with Lemon Ganache Filling (recipe) — I was SO happy with how my shells turned out — they’re not very impressive, but still the best I’ve done! FEET. Glorious, glorious feet. And they were crunchy on the inside, chewy on the inside, etc etc. LOVE.IMG_1776

4. Earl Grey Cookies — I had lots of tea leaves left after making the macarons, so I decided to make earl grey tea cookies. They’re essentially a modified 1 — I just switched the pecans for tea leaves (:   IMG_1842

And that’s it for now! I foresee more earl grey stuff in the future (nobody in my family drinks what they call ‘angmoh-tea’), and some breads / muffins (:


I also tried a craft activity that I’m thinking of doing during church camp: calla lilies (one of my favourite flowers!) made from old book pages. They’re really simple to make with a glue gun, and I coloured them with ink pads + foam. I’ll be working on paper roses next, which were supposed to be easy to make (according to Pinterest) but I tried one or two and they were quite ugly. Hm. IMG_1827

It’s been a fun two weeks, but I often feel ridiculously purpose-less yet weirdly busy . There’s random appointments, tutoring my sister, preparing for church camp, preparing for YF stuff, but there’s no overarching goal that I’m aiming towards. There’s also applying for jobs-that-are-not-audit, packing my room (a Sisyphean task if there ever was one), and finally getting some exercise. Thankful for this fruitful, fun rest, and hoping to get a job soon (:

Feel free to comment (:

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