Song of the Sea

So, it’s the Chinese New Year again, and on the long journey back to Kuantan this year (10 hours this time — absurd!), I finally watched Tomm Moore’s Song of the Sea. 11181512_ori

I don’t often watch movies (I go to the cinema once a year on average), and I definitely don’t recommend/review them often. But I absolutely loved Song of the Sea. The hand-drawn animation is stunning: sometimes abstract, always soulful, and most importantly, done in a style with this exact storyline in mind. Looking at screen captures of the film alone evoked the sea, Celtic mythology, and dreams. The soundtrack is gorgeous and also created specially for the film. In fact, when I had trouble hunting down the movie, I listened to the soundtrack on Apple Music first and fell in love. Most of all, it’s a simple story that subtly explores the profoundly human themes of grief and loss without ever falling into preachiness (looking rightatcha, Wall-E) or pointless sentimentality (Hollywood in general). Other plusses: it’s only 1.5 hours long, and a lot of the characters have lovely Irish accents.

It’s always wonderful to come across well-done lesser-known animated films (read: not from Pixar or Japan) especially one so stylistically unique. I can’t recommend it enough (:


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