on the inseparability of faith and hope

How do faith and hope belong together?

For if faith, as has been said above, is a sure persuasion of the truth of God —that it can neither lie to us, nor deceive us, nor become void— then those who have grasped this certainty assuredly expect the time to come when God will fulfil His promises, which they are persuaded cannot but be true.

Accordingly, in brief, hope is nothing else than the expectation of those things which faith has believed to have been truly promised by God. Thus, faith believes God to be true, hope awaits the time when His truth shall be manifested; faith believes that He is our Father, hope anticipates that He will ever show Himself to be a Father toward us; faith believes that eternal life has been given to us, hope anticipates that it will some time be revealed; faith is the foundation upon which hope rests, hope nourishes and sustains faith.

Institutes 3.2.42

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