About Me

I’m Alena, 24, working in tax (:

My faith defines most of who I am, what I value, how I view things, so –

I believe in God, that He is eternal, sovereign and holy; that I was lovingly created by Him, yet was born a rebel and wilfully continued to live my life in flagrant disobedience to Him. I know my (more-than-deserved) punishment is death and separation from Him forever, but my God is one who pursues, and He sent His one and only Son, who sacrificed Himself upon the cross, bearing all the sin and shame of the world on His innocent shoulders. He suffered and died in my place, but rose again on the third day, proving Himself victorious over sin and death, once and for all (:

This is the good news, or the gospel, and because of it, I have hope.

Because of it, I have been given a new life, and a new purpose in life – to glorify and please Him.

Because of it, I have been given reassurance that even though the flesh is weak and I may fail to follow and obey all the time, there will come a day, after death, when I am perfected and God will complete all He is accomplishing in me (Phil 1:6).

Because of it, I know that the troubles and injustices of this world are, well, just that – of this world, and He will one day, in His infinite wisdom and mercy and justice, judge all peoples and all things. And that the world to come is one of perfection, where there are no tears, no suffering, no pain (Rev 21:4).

Because of it, I know that all that happens to me in this life is purposeful, and for my good. Not necessarily for my comfort, nor my ‘happiness’, but for my good, that I may grow in holiness and maturity (Rom 8:28-29).

I pray that all will come to know the Jesus Christ, and the living hope, that I do (:

My interests – I love teaching Youth Bible Study in church, serving in the youth ministry, giving tuition, reading, doing paper-craft, coming up with activities for my GB girls, discovering artsy cafes with overpriced pastries and coffees, shopping for stationery, sleeping in.

Feel free to comment (:

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